Beginner's Russian with Interactive Online Workbook

Beginner's Russian with Interactive Online Workbook

Anna Kudyma, Frank Miller, Olga Kagan


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Start speaking Russian today!

Beginner’s Russian with Interactive Online Workbook offers an innovative, easy, and thorough way to speak, and read Russian confidently. This complete Russian course includes a user-friendly textbook and interactive online workbook. The carefully-paced, relevant lessons cover grammar and language basics in the context of everyday situations related to family, jobs, introductions, dining out, the Internet, and much more. The chapters are designed for the beginning student, and are full of photos, cartoons, games, and exercises alongside easy-to-understand lessons.
In addition to the book, you have access to an interactive website full of videos, audio, and self-correcting exercises. The enriching material on the website reinforces the basics of the lessons in the book, helping you acquire Russian skills in a natural, engaging way.

  • Thorough explanations and instructions offer a gradual introduction to the language, Cyrillic alphabet, and grammar
  • An interactive website features correct pronunciation by native speakers and helps learners start speaking Russian right away
  • Ideal for individual self-study or classroom use
  • Each chapter will take 5-6 hours of classroom instruction, or approximately 10-12 hours of study for the independent learner.
  • Students should be able to attain the ACTFL Novice High or Intermediate Low levels of proficiency by the end of the course


Anna Kudyma:
Anna Kudyma holds a Ph.D. in Russian language pedagogy and is TA Supervisor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at UCLA. She has received the UCLA Language Alliance Grant (2016-2017), and was the winner of the UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award (2013-2014).|||Frank Miller was Professor of Slavic Languages and the Director of the Russian Language Program at Columbia University and Barnard College for thirty years. He served as president of AATSEEL in 1999-2000, and was the recipient of the Hettleman Award for Distinguished Teaching and Service at Columbia University in 1988 and the AATSEEL Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1996.|||Olga Kagan was Professor of Russian at University of California, Los Angeles for over 35 years. She was also Director of the National Heritage Language Resource Center at UCLA and the UCLA Russian Flagship Program. She saw the unique difficulties facing heritage speakers of languages other than English, and was a leader in designing curriculum specifically for heritage speakers with little to no literacy in their native language.